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Congratulations to the following players who have been selected

for the Mite Travel Teams

You must register via the website for the appropriate team commitment.  After you register, you will receive an email with a link to the forms that have to be returned to me via email or post.  Please return as soon as possible so we can Roster the players in time for your first games. My address is included in the email.  Associated commitment fees and other fees and due dates for such will be included with the registration. I also need to know your top 3 jersey number picks (if you don’t have a jersey already).  This is first come, first serve so contact me as appropriate. Jersey size is also important to include.

** If your child's number is not listed above, Mite In House is available and your tryout fees can be applied to the MIH registration fees.


To Register, Click HERE




Mite A Team

Pinnie Color Pinnie Number
Blue 17
Blue 22
Blue 28
Blue 29
White 2
White 3
White 10
White  15
White 17
White  19



Mite Blue

Pinnie Color Pinnie Number
Blue 10
Blue 16
Blue 19
Blue 21
Blue 24
Blue 26
Blue 30
White 1
White 8
White 13
White 16
White 21



Mite Green

Pinnie Color Pinnie Number
Blue 13
Blue 20
Blue 23
Blue 25
Blue 31
White 4
White 6
White 9
White 18
White 22
White 24