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In-House Programs

The in-house programs will be organized to give every boy and girl interested in ice hockey a chance to participate. This program is designed to provide opportunities to play for enjoyment, fitness, relaxation and fellowship. Skill development is of the utmost importance. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and the development of self-esteem are stressed, compared to winning games.

In order to achieve the appropriate level of development the following guidelines will apply to in-house level programs:

- Tryouts: There will be no try-out for in-house programs. Players who are not participating at the A, B or C level can successfully participate in the in-house program. Attendance at tryouts for an A, B or C team is not required to participate in the in-house program.

- Practices: Practice hours will consist of 40 to 50 on-ice hours with the remainder accomplished off-ice through organized chalk talks and dry land. Tournament games are to be included in this ratio. In-house teams will primarily practice at AOF rink. Division directors will be responsible for the reporting of practice status at monthly board meetings.

- Games: The target for games is 10 to 20 games including tournaments.

- Travel: Minimal and mostly local. Tournaments if any would be local to CT.

- Playing Time: Playing time for all players will be similar.

- Player Fees: A standard fee will be set for in-house programs.

Avon Hockey reserves the right to not provide an In-House program. The Association also reserves the right to field multiple "C" level teams in place of an In-House program.

Developmental and Learn-To-Skate

In addition to the above programs Avon Hockey will offer a Learn-To-Skate and Developmental program providing sufficient registration at the beginning of each hockey season.

Learn-To-Skate (LTS)

The LTS program is for children 4 years of age and older who are interested in learning the fine art of skating. This program will consist of 3 separate on-ice session with the primary focus being that of developing an interest in on-ice activities with the possible future migration into an organized ice hockey program. This program is primarily to no-skaters and most of the time will be spend developing this through fun and games. Very little is any hockey skills will be introduced within this program. Program cost will also include all necessary on-ice equipment including skates, helmet, face cage and gloves. Following the LTS program session the players can either move up to the Developmental Program or return back to the next available LTS program. (For an additional fee) Annual cost for this program will be determined at the start of each hockey season and may vary from year to year depending on the changes in the included equipment cost.

Developmental Program

The Developmental program is for all young boys and girls interested in improving their skating skills and develop hockey fundamentals. This program will emphasize a format designed to provide player development through a combination of practice, in-squad games and possible games with other developmental programs in the immediate area. For games against other programs, equal time will be provided to all players regardless of individual skill levels. Individual lines consisting of players of comparable age and skill will be coordinated as best as possible for all situations.

As the season progresses, those skaters that develop the necessary skills may be allowed to move up into the In-house recreational programs or the applicable "C" travel team. All such moves are subject to final approval by the appropriate Division Directors, Coaching Director and respective team coach.