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Updated Schedule:Tues 12/3, Sat 12/7 & Sun 12/8
by posted 11/26/2019

Happy Thanksgiving Avon House!

We've created 2 new rosters in addition to  A Team & B Team.  Please find your player roster on White Team or Blue Team.  Future games will be assigned to either A, B, White or Blue.

Please look for updates on this site http://leagueathletics.com/schedule.asp?teams=587106&org=avonhockey.com for up to date info.


Tue 12/3 Practice @ AOF 6:40PM
All players


Sat 12/7 Practice @ AOF 9:10AM-10:10AM
Goalie Clinic for half the ice, all players other half of ice.


Sun 12/8 Game @ AOF 9:10-1:10AM White Team vs Echo
White Team:  Coaches Dave, Kent, Mark

1       Jacob Glowa
2       Carter Davies
3       Abel Elder
4       Adrianna Douglas
5       Lucas Uribe
6       Decker Rockel
7       Liam Morrell
8       McCartney Moss
9       Isla Mae Elder
10      Finn Weiler
11      Aaron Mukherjee
12      Liam Garvin


Blue Team has Sunday 12/8 off

Blue Team:  Coaches Ted, Hisham, Bill, Jarred

1       Samuel Wu
2       David Wu
3       Kasper Ocheduszko
4       Cameron Murray
5       Jackson Cosgrove
6       Morgan Hetu-Davis
7       Evan Boucher
8       Hassen Rifaey
9       Ella Smith
10      Abrianna Burgess
11      Charlotte Reece
12      Kiernan Elliott
13      Austin Esposito

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David Elder 
Ted Wu 
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